Wowing the client

Giving real estate agents the tools to wow their clients and win the next listing.

*All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of MoxiWorks.

Mobile-first world

In real estate, a document called a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) helps sellers determine the right price to list their house. MoxiWorks had a product that would build a CMA presentation for agents, but it was not mobile friendly. My team was tasked with re-imagining what a presentation could be, so agents could impress their clients with a custom presentation, no matter where they were.


First impressions are everything in real estate. With the redesign of the MoxiPresent web view, agents could now show up to the listing presentation meeting and “wow” their client with a beautifully designed, interactive CMA.


Presentations created since launch.


Increase in adoption rate 1 year after launch.


Total transactions per year for agents using MoxiPresent



First step was to learn as much as I could about the product. Talked to AM and Support about how agents were currently using the product. Used it myself to see all possible pages, data elements, and variations.


The top concern from current users was their client couldn’t open a presentation on their phone. The team addressed this issue from the start.

Product principles

Tell a story

Minimal interaction required

Personality: Trustworthy, Approachable, Premium, Professional

Goal for each page

The team came up with a stated purpose for each page within the presentation. Combined, they would tell the story of how the agent would market the listing.

Design patterns

Define design patterns and how they would scale across all screen sizes. This included navigation, tables, charts, photo cropping, etc.

Before starting any design, the team started laying the groundwork for the project.

Previous version felt more like a PowerPoint presentation as you navigate through it.

Previous design

Radical idea

One of the biggest challenges we ran into was to figure out how to allow a presentation page to be completely customizable, yet fit all content into a fixed sized slide.

The team explored the radical idea of throwing out the slide concept, and treating it as a long scrolling page. We received major pushback from sales and AM at first, but as we continued to explain our vision of how this would allow brokerages to create their own content, with minimal restrictions, we started to win them over.

Original sketch showing how we would completely change the navigation structure.

Navigation pattern

Worked through many iterations of the page before finalizing on a design.

Design iterations

Final visuals

It was important that not all pages were data heavy, so the end user didn’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at them.

Listing details lets the agent give a deeper dive into a comparable property.

Agents love the ability to compare properties against their clients.

A beautiful and clean cover page allowed the agent to show off the listing with style.

View of all comparable listings on a map helped to highlight pricing differences based on location.

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