Examples in Strategy

Personal Vacation Planner

for Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival's personal vacation planners needed to send out personalized emails to prospects, while analyzing the emails sent with customized reporting. I helped create a tool that fit their needs.

Carnival mind map

Connecting the Dots

The first step in undertaking any project of this complexity is understanding how all the pieces fit together. My preferred method is the classic mind map, it's the best way to lay out every possible element and how they act upon each other.

Carnival sitemap

Creating Structure

The next step was creating a high level structure of the site. This was important so the client could sign off on our approach to the project, and it gave the rest of the team better insight into their role for the project.

Carnival whiteboard drawing

Putting it all together

With a solid framework in place, I could start thinking about the user interface and how a user could get from start to finish. An unbelievable amount of whiteboard drawings were used in this phase.

PVP wireframe with interactions
Final design for PVP tool
Final visuals were done by the designer on our team, Patrick Halferty.

Before this tool, Carnival's personal vacation planners were spending countless hours copy and pasting text and graphics into their email program. Now they have a tool that not only quickly sends customized emails, but they have a built-in reporting tool to analyze their performance.

Carnival PVP's have been so happy with the addition of this tool they have asked for more and more features to help improve their daily workflow.

Carnival logo

Site Restructure

for A Place for Mom

A Place for Mom was looking to improve the organization of all the content on their site while keeping the rich SEO they currently had.

A Place for Mom sitemap

After numerous meetings with the client and senior care advisors, 3 main user types were identified as our target audience: those looking for housing, those with parents needing care, and those looking for more info on adult care. The site content was narrowed down into 5 main categories plus a blog. The content categories were now more easily accessible from the homepage.

A Place for Mom logo

More Strategic Projects

Windows Mobile sitemap

Windows Phone Marketplace Sitemap

Sitemap for the Windows Phone 6.5 Marketplace, a desktop version of the app store on their phone. The tool allowed users to make purchases and transfer them onto their phone, as well as account management tasks like viewing previously purchased items, updating payment methods, and managing other devices.

SXC mobile site flow diagram

Big Apple Rx Mobile Card

User flow for a mobile site for citizens of NY to sign up for a FREE pharmacy discount card. The card gave them access to discounts at participating pharmacies without the need to have insurance. Those on iPhone and Android devices were also prompted with the ability to download an app version for easy access to the card.

Marketfish user flow

Marketfish Online Portal

User flow for a list rental tool to provide customers in marketing access to one of the largest database of lists. The flow covered both buyers and sellers of these lists and detailed the communication between both parties including list details, scheduling, and payment methods.

Creative Design

App Store & Developer Portal

for Microsoft — Windows Phone Marketplace

While the Windows Phone 7 was still under wraps, Windows phone was about to launch 6.5. It included over 10,000 applications, but there was no centralized location to find them all. I was tasked with creating both a customer facing app store and developer portal.

Windows Marketplace phone selector design

Choosing Your Phone

Because there was such a variety of phones all a bit unique based on country and carrier just to name a few, the biggest challenge of this project was determining what applications were compatible with a customer's phone. I created a custom phone selector in which users could easily identify their phone by first narrowing down results, and then based on a photo of the device.

Design for selecting a developer plan

Finding the Right Plan

Developers creating apps for the Windows Phone 6.5 had the option of selecting from 2 different plans, each with their benefits and drawbacks. It was important to compare the differences between the 2 plans so I laid them out in a grid structure highlighting one of the most important differentiators, the ability to distribute apps through the Marketplace.

To see this project from a 10,000 foot view, check out the product sitemap

Window Phone logo

Project Management Software

for Hacker Group

With the inherent need of a better project management system than Excel and Sharepoint, Hacker Group decided to build their own tool customized to their needs. Based on a Lewis Carol character, we called it Alice (sounded better than the white rabbit).

Interaction design examples
Alice logo

More Designs

Got Clear? app loading screens

Got Clear? iPhone app

When you load up the Got Clear? iPhone app coverage checker it needed a second or two to load since it pulls down a large amount of data. We needed a splash screen to display our branding in those quick moments.

Innovative Ideas

Ad Gallery Concept

for AT&T

When trying to sell more work at an agency, presentation plays a huge role. This concept was to be used to show off previous ads we did for AT&T in hopes of gaining new work.

AT&T gallery design
AT&T logo

Hackerite App Concept

for Hacker Group

The toughest thing about coming into a new company is remembering the names of all your co-workers. I came up with an app to easily identify your co-workers by name, or if you're a visual learner, by their face.

Hackerite app design for both portrait and landscape mode
Hacker Group logo

Technical Skills

I'm versatile. I'm a UX designer who's skills extend beyond the ordinary. Look below for my technical qualifications.

Web Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery (some experience)
  • PHP (some experience)

Front-end Dev Clients

  • Clearwire
  • Hacker Group
  • Homesandloans.com
  • Divvy
  • NASA – Mercury Messenger


  • Omnigraffle
  • Axure
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Google Analytics